The Defencellâ„¢ Advantage

Flood Protection


Defencellâ„¢ Flood Walls are an efficient and highly effective flood barrier alternative to sandbags. Lightweight and stackable, Defencell Flood Walls are designed as water containment barriers to help first responders construct flood protection much faster than traditional sandbag methods. Tested by the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers, Defencell Flood Wall significantly outperformed sand bags because they are faster to set up, provide less water seepage, and have a better overall system endurance.


Erosion Control


Defencellâ„¢ Erosion Control products are constructed out of a heavy-duty geo-textile fabric that adapts easily to irregular terrain and will allow water to filter through. Fill material and soil particles are retained in the cells by the geo-textile fabric, encouraging drainage and vegetation growth. These also include Defencell Erocell products.


Ground Stabilizationslide3

Defencell Ground Stabilization products are very versatile and designed for a multitude of construction uses. The tough yet lightweight cellular panels provide surface stabilization for roads, trails and pathways and are an effective solution to erosion issues on sloped grades and hillsides.