Advanced Barriers “Vertical Dirt System” is the ideal solution for a multitude of landscaping and earth retention projects. The honeycomb cellular design allows for customizing your needs.

The units may be stacked to form a” Vertical Dirt” wall or installed in a setback fashion, either application creates a durable, strong and stable barrier. Filling the units with sand, stones, soil or mulch offers an excellent environment for vegetation. The lightweight fabric cells, when used with the metal frame, make filling simple and fast, whether using equipment or by hand.Z8-McWu5v-sx0nZckF1K7ud0ZtHsrJhBOCLiJm83lEw

The “Vertical Dirt” units are naturally UV stable for 2 years, but by treating with a primer and an elastomeric colored paint, stability can easily be doubled, or if totally covered, stable indefinitely.