Erosion Control

slide3Defencell™ products hold the solution to your erosion control problems.

Effective as a mudslide flow barrier, sediment pond berm, check dam, filter screens for spillways, sediment trap filter berms, silt screen and fence applications, dewatering filters, and erosion control on slopes.

The heavy-duty geo-textile fabric construction of Defencell units adapt easily to irregular terrain and will allow water to filter through, while fill material and soil particles are retained in the cells by the geo-textile fabric, encouraging drainage and vegetation growth

The Defencell Erocell™ units are the perfect solution where slope erosion is a major issue. By confining the fill material ( soil or aggregate ), Defencell cellular units greatly improves slope stabilization and increases resistance to erosive forces such as storm water runoff on steep and unstable slopes. Slope reinforcement cells can be filled with soil for grassed or vegetative slopes. Seeded topsoil provides protection for less exposed areas, and shrubs/plants offer protection in exposed locations. Cells can be filled with a granular free draining aggregate to offer the highest level of slope stabilization, cellular soil confinement cells are suitable for slopes up to 45 degrees.

ieca_CorporatelogoColorThe Erocell units are supplied in panel form and can be expanded on site to the desired dimensions and shape required. Erocells are flexible enough to go around trees or other obstacles and contour to undulated ground geography. The geotextile cell walls are fixed to the ground by metal fixing pins on every cell on the perimeter prior to adding fill material, also at 3’ centers through the field of cell walls.