43″ Defencell DC2

43productDC2 Force Protection System

The Defencellâ„¢ DC2 Force Protection System provides heavy ballistics and blast protection while maintaining a minimal logistical footprint. The DC2 unit contains 24 cells in an offset pattern for easy filling and increased stopping power. When filled, a single DC2 creates a 16 foot long, 20 inch high and 43 inch deep wall that is roughly equivalent to 219 sandbags.

The DC2 is 43 inches thick and is fillable using granular resources such as sand, gravel, dirt, or rocks. DC2 units can be combined or stacked with DC3 and DC4 units for even greater levels of protection.

Independently tested, a DC2 protects against small arms and cannons, as well as direct hits from small and medium mortars and near-miss rockets. The 100% textile construction minimizes the risk of secondary fragmentation when attacked.

DC2 is ideal for building perimeter fortifications, barriers, fighting positions, barracks protection, and asset protection. The DC2 requires minimal preparation to deploy and is designed to conform to sloped or uneven surfaces.


  • Perimeter walls and defensive fighting positions
  • Fuel & water storage protection
  • Critical asset protection
  • Bunkers and guard posts
  • Access control points

DC2 Features


Lightweight & Compact

  • 15 lbs per unit
  • Easily filled and compacted

100% Geotextile construction

  • Eliminates secondary fragmentation
  • UV-resistant for long service life
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduced thermal signature
  • Extreme temperature tested

Rapid Construction

  • Constructs in about 12-30 minutes depending on unit
  • Requires no special tools or equipment

Force Protection

  • Extensively bullet and blast tested
  • Logistics options include sling load, air drop, truck, and ruck
  • Builds walls and protective positions
  • Tent compartmentalization
  • Road barriers/Chicanes
  • Fully tested against small arms up to 20mm and 14.5mm
  • Protects against mortars, rockets, and other fragmenting weapons


  • High/Low temperature resistant
  • Humidity/Contamination resistant
  • Mildew, fungus, and corrosion resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Environmentally friendly disposal